settings used to get the desired effect of frosted text using Adobe Photoshop.

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PhotoShop Text Layering Effects

With PhotoShop, you can do some amazing things with text effects. It's not the easiest, at least for me, to grasp. But, with some patience and plenty of trial and error you can achieve some pretty cool stuff. Take for instance the text effects applied to achieve a 'frosted' type.

Before you get started, a key component to make these effects come together is a good background. I have provided the background I used for you below.

The "Finished Product" is our goal. I have put together screen shots to show how I was able to achieve the desired effect. At any time if you have trouble seeing the images clearly, simply click on them. They will be viewed at maximum size.

Finished Product

Photoshopped Frosted Text Image

The first thing you need is the background. I found this background on the Internet somewhere. I believe I googled rain images. I wanted a background that was a bit dark and looked as though it was cold outside. This one seemed to work for me.

Background Image

Icey Background Image

How It's Done

First, open up Photoshop and drag and drop the background onto the empty workspace to create a new file.

Frosted Text Selection

Once the background has been set, Select your Horizontal Text Tool. I used "Cooper Std Black Italic" font and set the size to 300pt and the color: white.
Open the Character Tool and change the settings as shown in the image. This will space out the letters as well as help center the text to the background.

Frosted Text Selection

Opening up the "Layer Effects Properties" we will begin to add the necessary effects to modify the text.

Let's begin by selecting the "Drop Shadow" effect.

Frosted Text Effect

Now, select "Inner Shadow" and change the settings accordingly.

Frosted Text Effect

Select the "Inner Glow" effect and make the following changes.

Frosted Text Effect

In the "Structure" section, in the image above, I used the following color for the gradient

Inner Glow Gradient Color

Now lets add the "Bevel and Emboss" effects.

Frosted Text Effect

We are now going to add a "Satin" effect.

Frosted Text Effect

For the Satin "Blend Mode:", I used the following color.

Frosted Text Effect

For the final text effect, select "Stroke" and apply these settings.

Frosted Text Effect

Now that all of the effects have been applied, you should have something that looks like the image below.

Frosted Text Effect

Kind of boring, you say? I would have to agree. We can fix that with one more layer. A Hue/Saturation layer to be exact.
Here's how. Frosted Text Effect On the top menu, click Layer/New Adjustment Layer then click Hue/ Saturation.

Make sure this new layer sits above the text layer in the layer panel. Then change the settings accordingly.

Frosted Text Effect

That's it. You should now have an image that looks just like the finished product shown above at the beginning of this tutorial.