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Custom WP Login Page

WP - Custom Login

a simple way to add your own styling to change the default WordPress login page.

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jQuery Accordion

WP - Category Count

a simple way to add a class to the category count in WordPress. Enabling you to style it to your liking.

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jQuery Accordion

JS - Accordion

a simple jQuery accordion

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Requiring Fields

HT - Required Fields

requiring fields to be filled before submitting a form

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JS - IMaGe Animation

animate an element using pure javascript

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Blank HTML5 Document

HT - HTML5 Document

copy code to start your next HTML5 web page

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Digital Clock

JS - Digital Clock

Create a digital clock using javascript and CSS to style it on your page

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Countdown to Date Counter

JS - Countdown Counter

Create a counter to countdown to a specific date, like Christmas!

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IMaGe Slider

CS - IMaGe Slider

Apply a transition to the <img> to slide up revealing hidden information. A very cool effect!

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CSS Stitches

CS - Stitch Effect

Apply a dashed border with some CSS trickery box-shadow to give the look of awesome stitching.

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Triangle Tut

CS - Triangles

Create simple triangles using nothing but CSS. The trick is transparent borders.

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Menu Tut

CS - Jazzy Menu

Here is a jazzy, menu I came up with that you can use for your own or just see how it’ done.

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CSS Swap

JS - Stylesheet Toggle

I have always thought it cool to change the style of the viewed webpage on the fly. Here's how.

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BoxShadow Tut

CS - Box-Shadow

If you ever wanted to know more about using the CSS box-shadow tut. Here's a few examples.

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Box Slider Tut

CS - Pivot Image

Using the CSS properties: transform and transition to create an awesome pivot effect.

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Frosted Text Tut

PS - Text Effect

Use PhotoShop to turn simple text into a frosted text effect.

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PS Saturation Tut

PS - Saturation

Thirsty? Create a cold refreshing beverage by adjusting the HUE & Saturation.

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MySQL Connect

PH - PHP & MySQL Connect

Create a PHP Script to Connect to a MySQL Database

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PHP Date Parameters

PH - PHP Date Parameters

Use this guide to help you formulate dates within PHP

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CS Loader

CS - Pure CSS Loader

Use this to help you create your own Loader or Spinner

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CS Tumbler

CS - Tumbling Object

using transitions & transforms to create an animated tumbling effect

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Fancy Form

HT - Fancy Form

Messing around with the <label> tags to create a Fancy Form!

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CS Radius

CS - Fun with Radiuses

using border & border-radius to create the Chicago Cubs emblem

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CS Menu Toggle Icons

CS - Menu Toggle Icons

using transform & translateY to create different menu toggles.

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